Birjhora Kanya Mahavidyalaya

Affiliated to Gauhati University

Perspective Development Plan of

Birjhora Kanya Mahavidyalaya


Perspective development plan is the blueprint of efforts made by the institution to develop itself as an institute of excellence. It also helps an institution to achieve its vision and mission. The perspective plan of Birjhora Kanya Mahavidyalaya for the period of 2017- 2027 has been prepared by the college from the academic year 2017-2018 to 2027 – 2028 by taking into consideration the quality indicators of seven criteria.

The IQAC is meant for planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement activities of the college. The initiation of preparing the perspective plan has been taken by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell for formulation of the perspective plan. The IQAC took into consideration the feedback received from all stakeholders and incorporated the suggestions received from them. The IQAC also holds regular meeting with the HoDs and the faculty members and takes note of the suggestions for bringing quality development of the institution.

Aims and objectives of  Perspective Development Plan

Curricular Aspects:

·     To uphold good academic performance continuously.

·     The College aims to open Under Graduate Science and Commerce Programme in the near future at the 20 Bighas plot of land.

·     Introduce Certificate Course on life skills and value added courses such as Yoga and Meditation, Self Defence, Cutting and Tailoring, Spoken English, Personality Development, Anchoring and T.V host and Beautician course.

·     Appointment of sufficient qualified teaching staff.

·     Streamlining the feedback system and action taken report.

·     Conducting periodic audit as per NAAC guidelines.

·     Assessment of the institution by NAAC.


Teaching Learning and Evaluation:

·     Conducting learning assessment test for students for identification of Active and slow learner.

·     Reduce the gap between sanction seats and seats filled up.

·     Review the admission process and incorporate ICT in admission process.

·     Follow the reservation guidelines of government.

·     To plan effective mode of delivery of curriculum using ICT.

·     Develop an effective mentoring system and mapping of Programme Outcome and Course outcome.

·     Develop mechanism to increase the satisfaction level of students.

·     Organize workshop and seminars for students and teachers at national and international level.

·     To plan innovative teaching learning method for participatory and experiential learning.

·     Increase the percentage of students participating in extension activities.


Research Innovation and Extension:

·     Institution will try its best to organise UGC and ICSSR funded seminar time to time.

·     The institution will continue to organize Workshop/Seminar/FDP Programme time to time.

·     The college will continue to make continuous efforts to obtain research grants from funding agencies such as UGC, ICSSR etc.

·     The college will continue to depute the teachers for research seminars /workshops and training.

·     College will promote faculty to submit proposal for research grants from UGC, University.

·     The college will continue to depute the teachers for research seminars /workshops and training.

·     The college will continue to strengthen NSS units for organizing extension activities.



·     Increase the numbers of classroom.

·     Allotment departmental common room.

·     A well equipped auditorium hall with audio visual facilities.

·     Well furnished Seminar hall.

·     A well secured girls hostel.

·     Full automation of library services.

·     Development of canteen and cafeteria.

·     A well equipped computer centre.


Student support and progression:

·     To provide for enhanced career counseling opportunities and guidance for competitive examinations, through collaborative mode in association with external agencies

·     To mobilize the vast alumni community for qualitative and quantitative upgradation of the college, through setting up of active alumni units at departmental levels.

·     To arrange for study tours, field and industrial visits for students of all departments and streams, irrespective of the curricular needs.

·     To provide for more recreational facilities in the girls’ common room.

·     To formulate and implement different student welfare and financial support schemes.

·     To carry out different faculty and student exchange programs through various MoUs.

·     To put in place an efficient student mentoring mechanism in every department.

·     To put in place an efficient centralized student counseling mechanism to resolve various stress-related issues.

·     Identification of advanced learners from slow learners.

·     Introducing enhanced supplements by way of providing more knowledge and skill based activities for the advanced learners and implementing corrective policies like remedial classes, tutorial classes, special classes etc.

·     Strengthening mentoring system.


Governance management and leadership:

·     Vision and mission of the institution is communicated effectively to all stake holders by printing electronic media and by printing in academic calendar.

·     Decentralized administrative mechanism with accountability.

·     Participatory functioning of the institution involving all staff members.

·     Distribution of responsibilities equitably according to capabilities.

·     Efficient Students’ Council and Students’ Grievance Cell, Students’ Welfare Committee, Women Cell, Anti Ragging Committee etc having wide representation of staff and students in decision making, execution of policies and in growth prospects of the college.

·     IQAC to record every year Comprehensive and effective performance appraisal of faculty as per API and staff through confidential reports.

·     Developing Team building initiatives and good interpersonal relations.

·     Upholding Conducive work environment.

·     Effective internal control, compliance monitoring mechanism, periodic internal audit and timely statutory audit of the accounts.

·     Continuous efforts to obtain development grants from funding agencies such as UGC, ICSSR, State Government, University etc.

·     Reserve Fund/Corpus to be maintained sufficiently as per norms.


Innovations and Best Practices:

·     Each day college to ensure that it has a clean campus.

·     Energy conservation by reducing Electricity consumption through installation of Solar-energy and LED lights.

·     The college will encourage innovative practices in the field of teaching-learning strategies.

·     The college will encourage innovative practices in various extra and co-curricular activities.


Best practices:

·     Sign MOU with Bijni College, Bijni, Chirang on waste management.

Selection of BA super 10.